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A focused company willing to learn, improvise and go that extra mile, Palsons Derma is among the first few upcoming pharmaceutical companies in India with national coverage and international standards. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company is also the first company from Eastern India to win the most prestigious and much coveted Quality Excellence Award from IDMA.

The company endeavors to provide quality healthcare and offer innovative solutions in the field of Dermatology.

Innovation is our primary strength and we dedicate our energy and resources to offer solutions to dermatological problems.

Two of our innovations have been award winner:

Q – Sera Hair Serum for reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth

Fairlite Cream, the day cream for skin lightening with SPF 50+

Our Milestones:

  • 1984: Palsons Derma founded by Mr. H.K. Paul, with a manufacturing facility at Kolkata
  • 1993: Started manufacturing and marketing of dermatological formulations
  • 2010: Tie – up with European majors, representing them in promotion of dermo – cosmeceuticals
  • 2011: Beginning of Wizderm – The Speciality Hair & Skin Clinic at Mani Square, Kolkata, a state of the art, one stop solution provider in clinical and aesthetic dermatology – a Palsons Derma initiative.
  • 2012: Rechristened from Palsons Drugs to Palsons Derma, thus dedicating the entire energy to the cause of Dermatology ONLY.
  • 2013: Second Clinic of Wizderm at Jodhpur Park, Kolkata.
  • 2017: Major expansion of sales and marketing networks. 5 teams of Aqua, Basale, Chroma, Dayon and Eterna floated across the country totaling the representation strength to 475.

Palsons’s Passion – The FITTEST in Dermatology

  • Time: 25 years in Dermatology
  • Focus: Passionate about Dermatology. We know nothing other than Dermatology
  • Innovation: Innovation is our strength. Ability to be the FIRST by filling up the gap
  • Trust: Collaboration with top international companies of Europe specializing in Dermatology, who have put their trust in us to represent them in India
  • Passion: Our passion for dermatology propelled us to take up the unique initiative of Wizderm – with state of art equipment devoted to dermatologists

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