Hair Fall

Saving One Strand At A Time- Hair, Hair Fall Types, Causes & Quick Tips

A healthy mind can be the secret ingredient to healthier hair.

For most of us, hair is the most prominent part of our face, making our personality pronounced. Thereby it is a fact that we live in constant fear of losing hair, and that fear itself might contribute to more loss of hair. Anxiety and hair fall share a compound relationship. As anxiety can lead to the shedding of more hair, living with persistent hair fall problems can be more stressful.

The most alarming fact regarding stress-related hair fall is that- over 87% of the Indian Population fail to diagnose stress-induced hair loss. When it becomes evident, it is mostly quite late. The primary cause behind stress-related hair fall is Hormonal Imbalance. However, it is essential not to get alarmed by hair loss, as it is fairly common to lose a few strands of hair daily.  It is only a severe matter of concern when you notice Pattern Baldness (for Males) and widening of partitions (for females).

Taking hair loss casually can be consequential if the condition is severe and can cost one far more money.

Know The Types Of Hair Fall

Hair Fall

1. Alopecia Androgenetic: 

A type of hair loss that affects over 50 million men and 30 million men worldwide. This is a hereditary disorder commonly known as female and male pattern baldness. This condition can be treated effectively with drugs and surgery.

2. Male Pattern Baldness:

Pattern Baldness in males can start right after adolescence. This particular problem can continue for a decade or so, resulting in bald patches originating from a Pattern. The most common pattern starts from the temple and travels around the top and sides of the head.

3. Female Pattern Baldness:

Pattern Baldness in females can differ slightly from that of males. Females gradually lose hair from all over the scalp, not from the hairline. Most women start shedding hair after puberty, which is considered a sign of ageing. Women rarely, even though possible, lose hair from pattern baldness.

4. Telogen Effluvium:

Known to be a Scalp Transient Balding, Telogen Effluvium happens when one’s hair development cycle is disrupted.  As individual hair goes through its unique development cycle, when multiple strands enter the resting phase together, it causes balding and evident hair shedding.

5. Anagen Effluvium:

Hasty hair loss from chemical treatments like Chemotherapy can trigger hair fall. In this scenario, multiple strands stop growing to pause the hair development cycle. This causes rapid hair loss from the scalp and other body parts.  Even though the condition cannot be reversed, dermatologists might prescribe drugs to boost the hair growth cycle.

6. Areata Alopecia:

Areata Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that affects the body’s healthy tissues, including the hair follicles. Hence the hair growth cycle is disrupted, which leads to baldness preventing new hairs from sprouting. Areata Alopecia can affect men, women and children. Areata Totalis, on the other hand, can lead to complete baldness, which takes place due to prolonging the aforementioned condition.

Also, several conditions like Lupus and other auto-immune disorders, certain cancers, thyroid conditions and anaemia can lead to hair loss. Women can also typically witness hair loss from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. New mothers or women going through menopause are equally at risk. Oral medications for acne, contraceptive pills, and antibiotics can also predominantly shed your hair. The reasons behind hair loss can be many. A few things like anxiety, bad diets, and undiagnosed health conditions can trigger hair loss and lead to complete baldness.

Hair Fall

Hair Loss Can Be Complicated, Solutions Don’t Have to Be

Onion Juice

Even though the process might make you shed a tear or two, we assure you it’s worth it. For decades, this excellent home remedy has been the secret to glowing, beautiful, healthy hair. Recently skyrocketing its importance in the hair care industry, onion is known to increase blood supply to the hair follicles. It also nourishes the scalp naturally from longer, thicker and healthier blogs.

Opt For A Healthy & Nourishing Diet

Good food choices are good investments. Your diet should be healthy and balanced to ensure that optimum nourishment is gained. Healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals will gradually help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Fruits rich in vitamin C, green leafy vegetables, and dry fruits like almonds and walnuts can bring noticeable changes to your hair quickly.

Use Hair Care Products That Work Truly & Quickly

The hair care market is making billions by introducing products that make people set unnecessary expectations that cannot be fulfilled. It is time to choose products that give effective results without selling false promises. The Q-Sera Hair Care Range offers complete Hair fall control by working in just 20 Days.  This is the quickest anti-hair loss therapy which regrows, minimises hair loss, moisturises and protects the hair.

The Brighter Hair, The Brighter You

Your Hair is Your Jewelry Collection. Take care of it wisely. Split ends can get in the way of the hair growth cycle. Trim every three months to avoid unexplained hair loss. Wash hair in lukewarm water only. Avoid combing your hair while it is wet to prevent breakages. Strictly avoid heating products and chemical treatments.

Even when summer is gone, our idea of relaxation often involves the pool. If you plan to stay soaked for a while, hoping for quick dissipation of stress, ensure to protect your hair from all that Chlorine. A tight-fitting swimming cap can be Ideal for such situations.

What Happens When You Don’t Take Care Of Your Hair?

Hair Care

Our hair goes through a lot daily. Our schedule often requires us to take adequate measures and the proper care to achieve healthy hair. Our program is completely packed, and we are prone to common mistakes that can trigger hair fall. Mistakes, like sleeping with wet hair, blow drying hair with heat, or even shampooing regularly, can hamper the quality of one’s hair. It is essential not to be harsh while patting your hair dry with a towel. You will surely get it back if you give care, love, and a little time.

The condition and appearance of your hair reflect your overall health and entity. Healthy, glowing hair shows that your body has enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help your hair stay in its peak condition.

Believe it or not, healthy hair portrays confidence and helps others perceive you as

“Positive and Vibrant”.