Relaxing Bath

5 Tips to Take Relaxing Baths This Summer

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”
– Sylvia Plath.

When the heat takes over, convert your bath to a cooling oasis. Harking back to the good old days when a stressful day at work could only be fixed when a relaxing bath was drawn. They have an age-old reputation of being therapeutic. Thinking beyond just heat and steam, bathing during summer is closer to rejuvenating, refreshing and quenching.

Relaxing Bath

The idea of relaxing on a hot summer day often involves dipping and soaking in the pool. Even though the idea might seem instantaneously appealing, swimming pools are neither skin nor hair friendly. To achieve the most out of summer baths, we recommend home washes that can be customised and tailored perfectly to your taste and convenience. 

While bathing in the Winter Season can be comparatively painful, we dream and reserve our therapeutic baths for the months of heat and sweat. Even soaking in cold water when you are tired of exposing your body to the scorching heat can have several health benefits, besides cooling down the mind and body, a relaxing cold one helps with inflammation, bloating and sunburn. Adding specific exfoliating agents can help you target different issues. The effortless combination of Epsom Salts and Body Oils thoroughly detoxifies and severely reduces muscle stress.

Next Time You Are Feeling Blue, Make Yourself A Bath

1: The word “Relaxing” is synonymous with “Bathing”

Relaxing bath

Only the health and the beauty world know how relaxing a Bath can be. The therapeutic properties of bathing could be more appreciated, and it is surprising how calming and rejuvenating home baths can be. When we say “Therapeutic Baths”, we are not really talking about candlelit baths with a glass of wine. Our idea of refreshing and rejuvenating with a bath is a bit different. Skin experts and dermatologists know that a relaxing bath can release feel-good hormones like endorphins that will elevate one’s mind spiritually by nourishing the skin and the body.

2: Skip Working Out, Take a Dip

Did you ever think deeply enough when we said, “Run a Bath?” Well, if not, you are about to learn something new. We kid you not, but washing your body is the new running. It is scientifically proven that an hour-long soak at 38 degrees can significantly burn an average of 130 Calories.

Do you know what that is equivalent to?

Almost 40 sit-ups and walking for half an hour!

Working Out

3: Bathe for a Goodnight’s Sleep

Night Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, try bathing. A relaxing bath soothes your skin and releases all the tension from the muscles underneath. It brings your body to a state of relaxation that helps you fall asleep quickly and deeply. Unlike popular myths that say that the sharp rise in temperature while soaking helps the body attend to calmness and tranquillity, the drop in temperature slows down the rate of heartbeat and the rate of breathing, which creates the perfect circumstance to sleep.

4: Save Your Skin from Summer Dryness

Often, with the arrival of summer, our skin begins to feel tight and dry. This happens due to moisture depletion, which affects the skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in rapid moisture loss. The problem can be severe for those suffering from psoriasis and eczema. The best way to replace the lost moisture is by taking a wash or soaking in it. Experts recommended NMFe Body Wash, with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Oat Milk, creates an additional barrier, preventing moisture loss. To trap the moisture within, apply NMFe Moisturising Lotion to intensely hydrate your skin and help your skin feel the best.

Summer dryness

5: Accessorise with Bath Bombs

Bath bomb

Bath Bombs are Trendy for a Reason. Being alkaline in nature, these products have skin-softening properties that richly nourish your skin and have a pleasant odour, enough to keep you fresh and lively all day. Made with a base of sodium bicarbonate, bombs are famous for their fresh and fruity fragrance that soothes the skin and removes harmful toxins from the body. When soaking in hot dips, your heart beats fast, leading to better blood circulation and overall body functioning. Starting today, your holy mantra should be –
A Bath a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away.”

Get the Perfect Wash this Summer

Relaxing Bath

1: Bubble Bath, the Cure to All Things Bad

All you need is a good back brush, nail brush, pumice stone, loofah and lots and lots of Bubbles. Soft music, with scented candles, can help create the perfect mood. If needed, put your phone on silent mode and soak in the aroma of the scented dip, the calmness and tranquillity all around. Get everything organised so that you can avoid interruptions while you are taking a wash.

Arrange yourself one with these easy, simple ingredients:

  1. 1 Cup of Milk Powder
  2. Rose Petals
  3. Geranium Oil
  4. Mint Leaves
  5. Chamomile Herbs
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Lavender Oil

2: The Ultimate Summer- Honey and Vinegar Bath

Honey & Vinegar

Add a teaspoon of honey and a cup of vinegar to a bucket of water. This age-old remedy is known to be instantly rejuvenating that retrieves tiredness, and cures irritation. Especially suitable for the season of scorching heat, the Honey and Vinegar leaves your skin smooth and prevents suntans and sunburns.

3: Arabian Jasmine Flower Bath

Arabian Jasmine

A long-lasting perfume or fragrance helps us stay uplifted throughout the day. Also, who doesn’t like to smell nice, especially when we are sweaty and working outdoors? Arabian Jasmine Flower can be easily arranged, as the flowers are widely available in the market in the summer months. Before you leave for work, soak for about 20 minutes in Arabian Jasmine Flower Bath to smell fresh and fragrant all day.

4: Use Body Scrubs & Cleansing Grains for Exfoliation Without Damaging your Skin

The awareness regarding exfoliation has made “Exfoliating” get a place in every skincare routine. Exfoliants are no new entrants in the beauty business, but Queens, Princesses and our Grandmas for ages have used it. When the world was still unaware of fancy exfoliators and exfoliating agents, several people relied on the sand to exfoliate dead skin cells from all over the body. Exfoliators, apart from removing dead skin cells, can also be of great help in the summer season to remove suntans. You can exfoliate in the convenience of your home with simple ingredients like gram flour, coffee, dried orange peel powder and dried almonds.

Beat the Heat

Relaxing Bath

Summers are a bright and sunny time. The season brings with it a lot of good hope, brighter and longer days, occasional thunderstorms and the desire to rejuvenate and refresh oneself over and over again. Even though summer is when one glows brighter spiritually and physically, it is essential to take proper care of the body to diminish the chances of dehydration and vitamin and mineral deficiency. Before you fix yourself the perfect wash, don’t forget to take in a lot of green leafy vegetables, fresh citric fruits and water. When it is unbearably hot outside, you might need to cool off by dipping and soaking in cold water. Reap maximum health benefits, and take therapeutic baths this Summer!