Skincare: A Lifestyle or Luxury?

Well before we dig deep into the topic let’s put it this way, “Wellness is the New Luxury.”
Living in a fast-paced world, people have started to believe more and more in self-help and self-love, hence the emerging topic of skincare.

Skin Care: Lifestyle or Luxury

The word “Skincare” has been functioning with a glamorous outlook. On uttering the word “Skincare”, the first thing that comes to our mind is Sheet Masks, Scented Candles, the Aroma of therapeutic Body Cremes and so on. Not to land it on a dull perspective, but the core concept behind skincare didn’t necessarily call for extravagance. It is merely the process of taking care of the skin, to aid and assist the largest functioning organ of the body in reflecting good health.

As the French say, “If You Know Skincare, do it the Parisian Way.” The concept of Parisian Beauty prevailed long before the existence of Luxury Skincare Goods. The idea surfaced a long time back and can still be witnessed as one walks through the lanes of the city. Flawless Skin, Cherry Tinted Cheeks, Minimal Make-up and unfussed hair- isn’t that something all of us wish to achieve?


But Is it a Need or a Want?

Skincare Need or Want

Despite being the largest organ of our body, Skin is the first and the only protective barrier that stands against infection. Even though we are accustomed to saying “Beauty is only skin deep”, it is an unavoidable truth, that healthy skin showcases way more than just beauty. A healthy skin depicts good physical, mental and emotional health. Hence, it is safe and extremely valid to say that Skincare is nothing less than a Necessity. Feeling confident in unhealthy skin is difficult, therefore lovelies, this is your call to skinvest more instead of trying to temporarily cover those insecurities with coats of make-up.


Here’s Why It Is a Need:

The Human Skin is not only the largest organ of the body, it is also the most complex. Almost 5 different Cell Types contribute to the proper functioning of the skin. Vital systems like the Circulatory and the Immunity are the transient residents of the skin. Considering the number of functions performed by the skin, it easily outweighs any other organs of the body. 

The primary function being protection, skin covers Physical, Chemical, Immune, Pathogen and other free radicals. 

Not to forget Thermoregulation, the Skin works as a sensory organ performing endocrine functions and even plays a significant role in reproduction (secondary sexual characters and the production of Pheromones).

Skincare: A Need

Now let us unfold the reasons, why Skincare is Vital-

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The Skin Sheds Itself On A Daily Basis:

Skin Shedding

It is almost miraculous but every minute the skin sheds dry cells. As miraculous as it might sound, it also indicates a crucial fact that if we are not taking care of our skin on a daily basis, chances are we might end up compromising on skin health. 

Mild exfoliation is vital along with proper moisturisation that will help ease the process of skin shedding, help skin glow, shine and get the nourishment it needs.

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Prevention is So Much Better than Cure!

Considering all the complex functionalities of the largest organ of the body, not taking care of the skin can only severely aggravate mild problems that can turn into something massive later in the future. 

The question here is, “Why Take The Risk?”

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Think of Skincare as the Stepping Stone to Other Important Healthy Routines

Skincare in everyday routine

Implement Skincare into your everyday routine and you will begin to notice how beneficial that is. The power of skincare makes you invest in other fruitful and therapeutic self-care methods. 

Don’t forget, the habit of all things great evolves from something minimal.

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Skin Confidence is Self Confidence

The source of Skin Confidence is Good Skin Health. When your skin is healthy and thriving, it not only boosts your self-confidence but also gives you a positive outlook towards life helping you accomplish tasks and excel at everything. Skincare will certainly not cost you much, but will surely serve you more. Working on oneself is a great way to alter a negative outlook, as it helps to take a pause from persistently serving others. People who invest time in themselves are more likely to be realistic and form valuable and meaningful connections for better progression in life.

Skin Confidence

Skincare: Not A Need, Nor a Necessity But A Mantra

Skincare a mantra

An Online Survey held by has showcased that most people investing in skincare cosmetics, consider it to be a necessity. With people growing healthy and conscious of working more for themselves, the true motive behind Skincare stands undaunted once again.

Good skin care is vital at any age. People in their 20s and 30s can begin skincare to strengthen and prepare their skin for age-induced damage. Your First Line of Defense needs and deserves to be protected and taken good care of. Also, Skincare is not simply restricted to cleansers and moisturisers. A good diet and other nourishment with important supplements can guarantee you the best out of your skincare in the shortest span of time!