NMFe Max Skin Cream with Ceramide Complex For Severe Dry Skin

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1. NMFe Max is formulated with enhanced stability and improved skin penetrating properties that effectively treats dry to severely dry skin conditions.
2. Launched for the first time in India and made with a plant derived ceramide complex, NMFe Max Skin Cream is extremely safe.
3. Providing the skin with a deep hydraboost, NMFe Max Skin Cream repairs and maintains barrier function.
4. It induces immediate relief to dry, irritated and sensitive skin by restoring natural emollience and making the skin soft and supple.
5. NMFe Max Skin Cream reduces Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and strengthens skin to fight ageing. It enhances skin brightness and protects skin from external/environmental damage.

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